Monday, 3 June 2013

JCK Vegas Days 2-3-4

…chiming in a little late.  That’s Vegas for you.  If you can live on 5 hours of sleep per night, this is your town.

As the show is now in its’ final day, I’ve worked a few mornings at the Lashbrook booth, provided input to purchases for Steve’s store, and selected some new gemstones for future Customgold designs and added new skus to Courtney Gold’s offerings.  Besides show-business,  there have been social gatherings including a 24kt club Canada dinner organized by Gunther Mele’s Darryl King, a dinner with Fishers, Austen’s and team Foster at P.F. Chang’s (our favorite!), a CJG cocktail reception, and the ever popular “JCK Rocks the Beach” pool party.

This year’s beach bash featured a live performance by Maroon 5.  Word to the wise: If you’re coming to future shows, try your best to register for “Luxury by JCK”.  Without those badges, you might have waited in line for two hours, like some of our friends and not made it into the much anticipated event.  I, fortunately, had such credentials by being affiliated with Steve’s store.  Maroon 5 did all of their famous songs including “My Heart’s a Stereo,” “Moves Like Jagger,” “Payphone,” and “One More Night.”  The place was packed, and it was hard to move.  Many Canadians gathered together, and those who made it in had a lot of fun.  Thank you to the CJA for hosting a cabana and some drinks for Canadian members!

The size and scope of the show, the entertainment, and the venue all combine to provide a compelling draw for Canadian Retailers.  There was even talk of creating a “Canadian Pavilion” in the international section of the show.  I’m not so sure that exhibitors such as Corona and Beverly Hills would want to move to such a location, but with something like 1,700 Canadians registered for last year’s show it’s possible that more Canuck exhibitors could join-in.

I met Phil Payne, the new owner of the Canadian jewellery shows last night, and he confirmed that each show, Toronto and Edmonton will be awarding a brand new Lexus to one lucky retailer in attendance.  Not a one-year lease, not a two-year lease, but a free Lexus.  The car giveaway sponsor is to be announced soon.  Make your plans now for your chance to win!

Exhibitors we spoke to reported strong sales, and there seemed to be a bit more action in Vegas than in most years I’ve been here.  Maybe the US economy is on the mend, or maybe more Canadians coming here is keeping the Vegas lights bright!

More reflections on seminars to come; including thoughts on the Rapaport diamond conference.

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