Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Planet Discovered Made of Diamond!

Some of the best advertising creative has been written by people who were nearly completely loony.  Whoever came-up with “Movember” was a genius, but can you imagine his or her presentation to the board of directors at the Men’s Health Institute?  “You see, since mustaches are so traditionally manly, we tell guys to grow mustaches in the month of November, except we’ll call it MOvember and …”

I’m sure there were skeptics.  Do you consider it wild and crazy to wear matching T-shirts for a promotional event?  How about wearing lab-coats and stethoscopes for a photo-shoot branding you as a “diamond doctor” or “jewellery practitioner.”  What about Dick Jewell’s photo of him sitting backwards on a horse with the caption “Time to Remount?” to promote his jewellery restyling event?  Do I recall a story about a jeweller in Saskatchewan who brought a bull into her store?

Given the zillion advertising impressions that consumers are subjected to every day, make sure that an inflammatory or outrageous headline or curious image is used to draw people’s attention.  Without a little bit of creativity, most conventional advertisements that list the services you provide are a complete waste of money.

…By the way, I did listen to a news article recently about a distant planet who some scientists believe is mostly carbon-based; and therefore could have a significant layer of diamonds between its’ mantle and the cooler surface.  I’m trying to get a ticket on the next shuttle there.

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