Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Contact me in Vegas

Here’s a tip to the wise.  Don’t bother trying to text anyone in Vegas.  When texting is immediate, a conversation goes like this:

“Hey are you almost done there?”

“Almost.  I’ll meet you at Frank’s booth in 10 minutes.”

“Frank postponed until 2:00, so I’m taking you for lunch at that restaurant in the lobby.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you there.”

“Did you read the latest Toddwaz Report?  It was great!”

“Yes it was J

When texts take anywhere from a few minutes to 45 minutes to get through, those connections completely get missed.  If you want to contact me until June 6th, just call me or email me.  I’ve got some US calling minutes and I’ve bought a US data packet that will allow me to get emails on my phone.

Accessibly yours,


Coming soon… A Social Media Experiment and “Live Vegas Blogs!!!”

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