Tuesday, 1 May 2012

You Earned It

Okay, I admit it.  There’s a reality show that I hate to miss.  Since its’ first year on the air, I just couldn’t tear myself away from Donald Trump’s, The Apprentice.  On a recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame) was fired because of the slogan he came-up with.  The task was to promote Donald Trump’s new men’s fragrance.  He was completely convinced that the phrase “You Earned It” went straight to the heart of someone looking for a reason to purchase Success by Donald Trump.

Maybe Seth Godin watches Celebrity Apprentice too because he recently wrote, “When you sell a want, you have to work harder, you must seduce the market…”  (Click to view the brief article.)

Donalt Trump’s merchandising executive and her counterpart at Macy’s found the slogan “You Earned it” to be arrogant.  I disagree!  I’ve used the phrase, and I’ve seen it used by others to encourage purchases.  When a client is considering their first purchase of jewellery beyond the socially mandated engagement ring, wedding ring, and family ring; there’s often an inner dialog that goes something like this:

I don’t know.  This is so extravagant.  We’ve got the kids off to college now, and our mortgage is next to nothing.  I’m glad we can afford it, but I’m just not used to spending money on myself.  What will my friends think?  This is so out of character for me…

Folks, people like this who can afford it are the biggest source of growth in our industry!  Unless we can convince more people to get married, or remarried, our bridal business is capped.   There are a finite number of anniversary rings and family rings to be sold. 

People who can afford to create an amazing jewellery wardrobe are our bright and shiny future.  If you work hard on this segment, you’ll make a lot of money.  If that happens for you, you earned it.

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