Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Dog of the Week

Every week, try putting a bounty on one item in the store that’s been around too long.  Polish it up, put it in a fresh box, put a little informational tent card next to it and see if you can find that puppy a new home.  You might call it the “dog of the week” but careful about how interpret the word “dog.”  If you’re on a hike and you say, “quit dogging it,” that means quit holding us up.  The “dog of the week” is the one holding the progress of your inventory back.

When you look through your showcases, you might see one piece that you think is the ugliest thing that ever existed.  Think about this.  That piece is the answer to someone’s dreams.  That’s exactly what they’ve been looking for and they’ve been to store after store without finding it.  They may have been to your store and scanned the showcase and said those dreaded words, “I’m looking for something to jump-out at me.” 

Make it jump out!  Pull it out of the case and say, “let’s try a few things on and see how they look on your hand.”  We are not order takers!  We aren’t behind the showcase to facilitate buying; we’re there to engage, qualify, promote, encourage, sell and to build relationships.

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