Friday, 18 May 2012

Do you Have Much to Say?

A couple of people have commented that it was ambitious of me to publish my goal of writing 300 posts in 2012.  As of today, I have published 108 blogs with a combined word-count of over 30,000.  I had feared that generating fresh topics would be a challenge.  Rather than running out of ideas, I’m actually gaining material.

This is a big amazing world with lots going on.  There are so many issues, current events and so many great people.  I haven’t even begun to write biographies of inspirational industry members, I’ve only touched on a couple of sales techniques and social media marketing changes every week!

If you’re thinking about publishing your own blog or newsletter to your clients, don’t let a lack of material hold you back.  Start writing and don’t stop.  If you continue to read, learn, talk and observe you will no sooner run out of material than the earth will run-out of beautiful sunsets.

If you’re not planning on blogging or writing newsletters, just consider that people are always interested in what’s new.  If you have nothing to offer when one of your best customers comes into the store and says, “hey, what’s new?”, they’ll stop asking and they may eventually stop coming.  If you can respond, “Some Ukranian jeweller just set the a new Guiness Record by setting 2500 diamonds into one ring.  Do you want to see a picture?”  As I was writing this, I needed an example of news, so I clicked on my email box to find the link about the big pink diamond that was just sold for $15.7Million, and found a new post in my inbox about the amazing Ukranian ring.  It took me 10 seconds to find-out something new.  Your best clients and your future best clients are like everyone else.  They want to be in fun and interesting relationships. 

C2A (call to action): Make a schedule so that one person each day who opens your store will be in charge of coming up with an answer to the question “what’s new.”  You choose whether it has to be industry related, highlighting new product, local news, trivia or even a joke-of-the-day for Fridays.  Then everyone in the store will have something news-worthy to engage clients with and you’ll all stay fresh and appear scholarly.

By the way, look for my first freelance article about hiring in the latest issue of Canadian Jeweller Magazine!

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