Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday Story Time - Old Friends

When I worked for Van Cleef Jewellery in Edmonton with Guy Forest (formerly of Forest of Jewels) I often answered calls from Guy’s friend Michael.  Michael had been a top executive for Peoples; along with Guy’s father, and at the time was working at the head office of Baily, Banks and Biddle in Texas.  He subsequently went to work for two other massive jewellery companies.

Having chatted with him several times while working with Guy, meeting him once at a birthday party and then talking to him two or three times over the past 10 years, we recently reconnected on LinkedIn.  He’s now sharing his wealth of experience with me for an article I’m writing in Canadian Jeweller Magazine.

The point is, that important members of your social network might be people you forgot existed.  It’s very helpful to keep-up good relations with as many members of our industry as possible.  You never know who’s going to end-up in what position with which companies in the future.  Nobody I know who’s achieved highly in this business has done-so without the help of mentors, colleagues, friends and inspirational leaders. 

Don’t miss any opportunity to build relationships with industry people.  You never know where it may lead.

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