Friday, 25 May 2012

Business is in the Beholder of the Eye

Grabbing a quick breakfast at A&W, I realized how easy it is to conduct an entire business transaction without making any eye contact whatsoever. I’ve done it many times.  I can just hear the crocodile hunter now, “Wow!  That’s a beaut!  Don’t look directly into its’ eyes … it might lash-out and sell you something!”

It was just a bacon ‘n egger, so it didn’t really need a close personal connection.  It’s just that when someone looks like they’re not having much fun, it challenges me to put a smile on their face.  It took a pause and bending down a bit to get her to look-up at me, but she finally did.  As soon as we had eye-contact, we had rapport.

Remember that, you young sales assocites.  You may be looking into their eyes, but until you get them to really look into your eyes, you’ll have trouble generating rapport.  You might make a sale without it, but with rapport, you can not only make the sale, but earn future sales by earning CLIENTS.  The eyes are the window to the soul. 

C2A (call to action) – Make meaningful contact with everyone you meet this week; even if you have to stick your head out of your car at the drive-through.  Practice makes perfect.

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