Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sell it Like you Made it Yourself

While watching a podcast from Jeffrey Gitomer, I was struck by a sales tip that was submitted by one of his followers.  They said, “sell it like you made it yourself.”  I realized that one of the best salespeople I worked with did this extremely well.  Without actually taking credit for the design or manufacture, she felt such an affinity to the designer that in her sales presentation, you’d think she had made them herself.

Have you ever met the designers behind the product you sell?  I know many of my readers are going to Vegas (a few for the first time.)  Make sure you take a stroll through the New Designer section.  Take special note at how the designers talk about their creations.  They talk about the inspiration, wearability, and the manufacturing process that sets them apart.  They talk about how they started and where they are going.  They’ll tell you if they have any celebrity clients, or if they’ve won design awards.  They almost never tell you about the 4-Cs, karat or gram-weight.

To the designer, this is their creation.  Without them this design would never have been crafted.  They used their left brain to figure-out how to make the piece, but their right brain was the driving force.

You offer unique creations.  Without you, your client may never discover these designs.  Engage right-brained conversations about the shapes, colors, contours and feel of the jewellery.  Then you’ll be able to sell it like you made it.

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