Thursday, 15 November 2012

Selling to Men

“Awe, just get me that cheapo titanium band over there…”

Don’t let ‘em get away with that…

“Well, that silver chain looks pimpin’!”

They can’t get-off that easily…

Guys will cheap-out on jewellery if you let them.  They’re strangers in a strange land.  You know the old joke that men with pierced ears make better husbands because they’ve bought jewellery and experienced pain?  Not many guys feel at home in a jewellery store ESPECIALLY when it comes to jewellery for them.  Show them the good stuff first. Let them see your best watches.  Show them high style, let them try-on product and whet the appetite of their right brains while you have the chance.  Ask them if they want to look upon their finger 20 years from now and see the same band that they got married with.

Once they flip the switch into left-brain rational mode (which men are famous for) then talk about features and benefits.  Tell them why gold is superior to silver, titanium and tungsten.  Talk about sapphire crystals and chronographs.  Explain the cost of sizing a gold ring as opposed to replacing an alternative metal band.

I’ve got to tell you from personal experience that if you take the time to sell to men, you can sell double the value of lazy salespeople!

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