Tuesday, 27 November 2012

WCJExpo in Toronto?

Canadian Jeweller Magazine has announced that it will be the media sponsor for the Western Canadian Jewellery Expo in Edmonton, along with their new show in Toronto.  Having worked closely with the Edmonton show in years past, I can tell you that show manager, Lilie Ford has been responsible for key improvements to the Edmonton show in terms of decorating, organization, events and retailer experience.  I love what they’ve done in Edmonton!

What makes the WCJE think they can succeed where Reed/JCK has failed in Toronto?  Here are three ways they can provide a strong sustainable show in Toronto:

1.     Like the WCJE, continue to base the show around a stable core of Canadian suppliers, rather than stuffing the show with whomever you can strong-arm into exhibiting.  Quality, not quantity.
2.     Form a strategic alliance with the CJG, and work together to give their members times of exclusive access and group-specific benefits; while giving suppliers the simplicity of setting-up only once.
3.     Leverage economies of scale to market more effectively to retailers.  The message of a stronger national identity to the show along with stronger marketing to retailers should result in better results for Toronto.

I have no inside-information that pertains to the potential cooperation of WCJE and CJG.  I just think the regime-change in Toronto is an opportunity to explore closer ties between the buying group show and the broader trade event.

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