Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Todd’s Communication Theory

Following up on yesterday’s article on breaking bad news, I have come-up with a theory about communications.

There are very few people who could be described as “an open book.”  When you talk to someone face-to-face, in a specific context you can hear their words, along with inflection, see their eyes and their body language.  If they’re not completely an “open book,” and are holding something back from the conversation, you should be able to understand them 80 to 90%.

On the phone, you might hear their words and perceive intonations, but without actually seeing their eyes and reading body language, maybe you’re only getting 60 to 70% of the story.  While texting (144 characters at a time) or emailing, even with “emoticons” ;}>, and common abbreviations (lol!) you get no eyes, no body language and no context.

Let’s remind our junior staff that the most effective way to build clientele, sell and resolve problems is by far face-to-face.  If we focus on that as the primary way to do business, then, guess what?  We’re conditioning our marketplace away from doing business on the internet.

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