Monday, 6 May 2013

More Ranting about EGL & Vegas

When I get engaged in conversations about EGL certificates, I’ve used the following analogy.  (With apologies to Hyundai drivers – Ron’s got a nice one!)  I say that an EGL cert is like Hyundai Motors saying that their economical Elantra has 500 horsepower.  “Well it isn’t equivalent to BMW horsepower; these are Hyundai horsepower…”  Do you think that consumer protection would allow that to happen?  EGL can choose to make a business out of providing knowingly deceptive diamond certificates, but why haven’t they been prohibited from using GIA nomenclature to do so???  That’s one of the questions I want to further investigate while at JCK Las Vegas.

Speaking about Vegas, I’ll be down there once again.  I can be found around the seminar halls at Mandalay Bay on Thursday.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings I’ll be at the Lashbrook Designs booth until around noon.  If you’re interested in starting your Lashbrook journey at the show in Vegas, I’ll take appointments until 11:30 on those three days, so call me to book your time.  Their booth was very busy at The Smart Show, so appointments are STRONGLY recommended. 

Beyond that, Steve, Lilian and I will be meeting with Courtney Gold suppliers, looking at gemstones and trends for Customgold and we will of course look forward to enjoying the fabulous social climate.  If you're going, make sure you seek-out the Canadian Jewellers Association booth on Sunday night at the pool party (with Maroon 5!!!); that's where all of the Canucks congregate.  We had a great time last year, and by Sunday night, Mrs. Toddwaz will be joining me, in case you have yet to meet Jana.

For those who can’t make it, I’ll let you know what you’re missing via The Toddwaz Report.

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