Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Orm Shultz will be missed!

Entrepreneur, gentleman and well-respected member of the jewellery industry Orm (Ormand) Shultz passed away on Monday night.  Warrington’s Jewellers closed its’ doors almost one year ago after 48 years in business and 39 years in Prairie Mall.  The family still owns and operates Jonathan’s Jewellers in Prairie Mall, and along with the long-serving staff will miss “Mr.’s” leadership and encyclopedic knowledge.  As a sales rep, I was often astounded at his ability to identify his fast-selling designs without the aid of a computer.  With two stores and dozens of suppliers I always received a fair dose of undivided attention from him; which is why he had won numerous “Gold Nugget” awards from the rep’s associations when there was such a thing.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family and staff during what will continue to be a very busy month no matter how heart-sick they feel.

Reflecting back on one of the darkest times in my life and career, I recall being able to put-on a “good front.”  It’s not easy to focus on celebrating happy moments with your clients when you feel little joy inside.  This is the difference between a professional and an amateur in jewellery sales.  I don’t know anyone whose lives have been sunshine and rainbows the whole way along; yet some have the ability to rise to the occasion whenever a client walks through the door.

I think the key is this: as soon as a client walks through the threshold, your focus is on their needs, their emotions and finding a winning solution to their current circumstance.  Whether you’re in the middle of a personal crisis, or just absorbed in busy-work as part of your responsibilities in the store, you need to be “other-centered, servant-hearted people” to your visitors the instant you spot them even thinking about coming in.  If you’re grieving or having some personal difficulties, share it with your owner or manager, and tell them you’re going to try to focus on clients in order to do your job the best you can while you’re on the clock.  Ask them to give you feedback if you’re not accomplishing that.

Look, it’s not about fake-enthusiasm in this business.  It’s about a solid conviction that your store and your product are the best possible solution to your client’s needs and desires.  When you put the person across the showcase from you first, and you know the amazing benefits of dealing with you and buying what you have to sell, you can push through any personal crisis and be effective.

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