Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Welcome to the new Toddwaz Report!

Welcome to my brand-new Toddwaz Report.  I’m not one to make new years resolutions, so let’s just say this is part of my marketing strategy in 2012 to write and distribute 300 blog posts.  My chief purpose is to provoke character building dialog.  I want our industry to be smarter and more able to compete against furniture stores, travel agencies and home-renovators.  Mostly I want my jewellers to be the most amazing business people in the world, so that they’ll sell more jewellery and enjoy doing it.

Subscribe on Facebook HERE.  If you’re not on Facebook, I encourage you to join-up.  I’m hearing more and more stories about friends-of-friends making major jewellery purchases through Facebook.  It’s a great source of “word-of-mouth” referals.  By joining the Toddwaz Report Facebook page, you can easily comment on posts and see other comments.  I want this to facilitate conversation and debate.  Agree, disagree, illustrate, or illuminate.  Make fun of me.  Give me a virtual high-five.

Let’s make this a character builder for the retail jewellery industry in Western Canada!!!

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