Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Don't be a Smarty-Pants!

When I began studying gemology, I was so pleased with my efforts to learn that I felt it my obligation to share my newfound knowledge with anyone who would listen.  Guess what?  I bored a lot of people.  I quickly learned to recognize the glazed-over look of someone who doesn’t give a rip about my gemological brilliance.

Over the course of many years, I’ve honed my retail selling style to use as little technical information as is required to make the sale.  I’ve had the pleasure of selling nice diamonds without ever talking about the color or clarity.  I wasn’t withholding the information; it just wasn’t required to make the sale.  When the sale is based on style and earned on trust, you’re in the zone to create a lifelong client worth having.  

When selling to men, it is always worth trying to appeal to them emotionally.  Men are chemically hard-wired to process either emotionally or rationally, but not both simultaneously.  When you work with men in a technical realm, they’re in the perfect state of mind to commoditize the sale and make it about table-percentages, pavilion angles and price per carat.  When their in that mode of thinking, they’ll also think about their credit card debt or wedding expenses.

When you are able to sell a design an experience, or a token of love rather than diamonds and gold, discounting is much less of an issue.  Learn, and gain knowledge in order to answer objections and help romance a sale, but remember to use as few facts as you need to make the sale.

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