Friday, 10 February 2012

Here’s your virtual kick-in-the-buttocks…

It never fails.  You attend a jewellery show or conclave and one of the speakers talks about the power of add-on sales.  You get pumped.  You ask your first client, “so do you have any other special occasions coming up?”  Or, “are there other special girls in your life that deserve a nice treat for Valentine’s day?” Or, “Oh, I just remembered that I have a matching pair of earrings…”  You do this for a couple of weeks and only make two or three add-on sales.  Then you stop trying. 

HEY, WAIT A MINUTE…  You made two or three add-on sales!  Those are sales that you didn’t have to advertise for.  You just had to ask for them.  Why did you stop asking?  Lazy?  Discouraged by the 20 “no” answers for every two or three “yes” answers?  Here’s your virtual kick-in-the-pants.  START ASKING AGAIN!!!

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