Friday, 3 February 2012

Two ways to zero-in on your target market

This may seem simplistic, but every time you spend money on advertising, take note of these two options.  The first is using mass-media and crafting the message specific to your target audience.  Your second option is using targeted media which preselects your audience for you.  Often the cost-per-thousand is more in the latter case, but more of those 1,000 are your target audience.

Rolex retailers use a lot of mass media.  You’ll notice that Rolex reaches its’ influential males over 50 by spending the bulk of their advertising dollar in the lead-section or business-sections of daily newspaper.  About 90% of the ads feature men’s watches.  Oh, they sell to younger buyers, and they sell ladies watches, but most ladies Rolex purchases are made after or concurrent with a men’s watch purchase.

If you’re selling high-end kitchens, you’ll probably use targeted media, such as local home-decor glossy magazines and luxury product trade-shows.

In either case, explosive popularity comes from whipping a select audience into a frenzy over what you do; such that they begin advertising for you.

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