Monday, 6 February 2012

Helping Reps Stay Safe on the Road

All reps are at risk whether they’re carrying live diamond jewellery or watch straps.  If they’re carrying any kind of bag in and out of your store, they might be perceived to be a target.

·      “Don’t Ask” - Flying under the radar is one of our most effective tactics to keep safe.  Please don’t ask about our travel plans or where we’re staying.  If you know anything about where a rep is travelling or staying.  If a rep gets robbed after leaving your store, the investigator’s first inquiry will be “who knew you were staying here?” or “who knew you’d be travelling this direction?”

·      “Don’t Tell” - If someone comes into the store and says, “hey, that handsome guy with the suitcases that just left is an old acquaintance of mine.  What’s his name again?”  Give a bogus or evasive answer.  If they knew us well-enough, they wouldn’t need to ask our name.

·      If space permits, offer a private area for viewing a line.  For the least valuable product (watch straps, giftware, fashion jewellery, etc) the rep may prefer to do viewings out front to demonstrate that he or she is not a “high-value” target.

·      When it doesn’t leave your own store at risk, please offer to walk us out to our vehicles.  Even better, do so with a cel-phone in your hand.  This is a first-class deterrent to a parking-lot grab and run.

I’ve issued these safety tips in the past, and I’m grateful to all of you who earnestly help us stay safe on the road.  Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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