Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday Story Time - No Small Customers

There are no small customers, only small thinkers.  For years my little shop had been doing corporate pins for a welding company.  We never seemed to charge enough, but the lady who placed the orders and came to pick them up was just so nice that we continued to do our best for her.  She sometimes brought me cookies too.  After moving from my small shop to Diamori, a luxury jewellery boutique in downtown Edmonton, I continued to do these annual award pins.  Eventually there were a couple of platinum pins and a ring or two.

One day this nice lady from the welding company came-in with her husband who was wearing jeans and work-boots.  He was shopping for thank-you gifts for his brother-in-law and other partner.  You see, they had invited him to take an equity position in the company a few decades earlier, and they had just sold-out for what I assume was $millions.  In less than an hour, he selected two brand-new solid 18kt gold Rolex President watches for $54,000.

Firstly: if you are in this business long enough, you will find some nice surprises by treating even the smallest of accounts with respect.  Secondly: millionaires don’t always walk around in Armani suits or Versace dresses.  Thirdly:  I hope you’ll never stop being amazed at how much money a client might spend if you put something extraordinary in front of them.

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