Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Secret of Selling More

Psssst …. Wanna know a secret?  The secret to selling more is … wait for it … selling more. I read a recent article by Seth Godin about things that are bought and things that are sold.  I believe that most jewellers have both items in the same store.

When I briefly worked for Peoples, the $99 diamond heart pendant was always something that people came in and bought.  I didn’t have to be particularly clever to close that sale.  It was my job to sell them something else more precious.  Silver charm-beads are bought.  Gold charm-beads are sold.  Entry-level engagement rings are bought, premium designer engagement rings are sold.

Now consider this plot twist:  Internet retailers by necessity have to sell things that are bought, because it’s 10-times harder to sell something without personal contact.  More next time…

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