Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Be Remarkable

Yesterday I introduced the notion that “going viral” has everything to do with how remarkable your business is.  In order to incite a client to remark to their friends about their experience, you can’t be normal.  This may sound obvious, but consider this: you can have an extremely effective greeting, well-targeted qualifying conversation, proficient sales presentation, cleaver close and efficient completion and your client will conclude that you did what was expected.

What YouTube videos are the most remarkable?  The ones that provoke the biggest emotional reaction: horror, laughter, shock-and-awe, wonder or sympathy.  A perfectly adequate sales experience will not generate remarks.  A perfectly adequate sales experience with some sort of added surprise will get people talking. 

Every time I put a $20,000 diamond ring on a client’s finger and sent them outside to view it in natural light, I could predict their strong response.  “You’re trusting me not to run away?”  Listen to your client; maybe you’ll discover that they’re so self-conscious about the look of their hands, you need to book them a manicure before they come to pick-up their ring.  Nick Failla shared a great practice at the Western Canadian Jewellery Expo a few years ago: when closing the sale for a piece of jewellery from a guy to his lady, instruct him to buy a card and write how-much she means to him and what to remember every time she looks at this piece of jewellery.  Mine your memory for some your best clients’ best experiences with you.  Was there something that elicited a strong emotional response?

As I come across great ideas for remarkable practices, I’ll pass them along.  Have a remarkable day!

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