Thursday, 9 February 2012

Why didn’t you come to me?

If you’ve been in sales long enough, you will have experienced the frustration of someone close to you having bought jewellery from someone other than you.  It’s usually embarrassing for them to admit it, and can make the subject of buying jewellery awkward in the future. 

Firstly, remember that when sold properly, jewellery is emotional not a commodity.  Let’s say that Bill and Carol come-back from Hawaii with a diamond-set palm-tree pendant and chain.  Carol had been admiring them during their trip, and just before the luau, Bill said he was going out for “a walk,” but instead he snuck down to the jewellery store, bought the pendant.  As he put it around Carol’s neck, he told her what an amazing time he was having and to never forget this fantastic anniversary in Hawaii.  Do you think it would hold the same sentiment if Bill came home, asked you to work your suppliers to find the same thing for $50 less?  N’uh-uh.  Oh, and make sure you tell Carol what a beautiful piece it is and ask her if she would like a longer chain to show it off over top of a sweater.

Secondly, remember that it’s up to you to let your friends know what it is that you do that nobody else can compete with.  If you accurately boast the best selection and value of high quality diamonds, Bill would never buy a nice one-carat diamond without checking with you first.  NEVER!  He might buy a cheap, crappy one-carat diamond from someone else, but that’s a sale (and customer) you probably don’t want attributed to your store.  That’s the beauty of identifying your core competencies and being able to articulate them well.

Thirdly, make more friends.  Social networking is proof that people want more friends in their lives.  Greet a past client with, “hello my friend!”  Think about them and treat them as part of your inner circle (your business inner circle. I’m not suggesting you invite them for Christmas dinner.)  “Friend” them on facebook.  Introduce them to other clients when they’re in the store. 

In the bible it says that in order to have friends you must “prove yourself friendly.”   Be friendly and don’t forget to continually remind all of your friends, both business and personal, what you do well.

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