Saturday, 25 February 2012

Guest Blog - Customer Service - by Don Johnson

Funny story,

I thought I knew what customer service was. I just had a customer redefine it for me.
“customer service=attitude”

Yesterday, I sold a $2,000.00 wedding band. I was on the floor when this nice lady walked in and went straight to the wedding band counter.  Within a few seconds, I acknowledged her and went of to help her. I noticed a very large Princess Cut diamond engagement ring on her finger.  Knowing that we have never had that ring in stock, I knew we never sold it, but instead of dwelling on that, I mentioned “what a lovely ring?” where did you get it? “In Vegas” she replied... I smiled and said “well, I guess you need a wedding band to match it?...... I opened the showcase and pulled out a 14K White gold wedding band with 10 princess cut diamonds that I thought would go great with her “ring from Vegas”.... she smiled and said “that’s brilliant, its’ a perfect match... I’ll take it”

(I’m thinking to myself..... that was easy) When my customer says, “well, that was easy!” I was just next door at the national retail jewellery store and when I walked in, I got “bad customer service”.

 I asked for her to explain, she said just before coming in here,” I walked into your competitors and asked for help as I needed a wedding band.  They looked at my ring (that was not bought locally) and told me “that it would have to be custom made and that it would be VERY expensive”.  She said thanks anyway and came to us.  I listened to her needs and with a smile provided a solution....

(Keep in mind that my customer just had the flu and wasn’t dressed very well, so she looked like she couldn’t afford very much)

At first glance I saw a very large purchase that happened someplace if I give the “attitude” that it was not bought local, so I have no interest in helping..... I guess I would get the response that my competitor got... A customer, walking out the door.

So the end result was our competitor having “Attitude” and losing any chance of making a sale, and me listening and putting 2 grand in the till........

The funny part is, my customer told me “they have bad customer service”

So was it Bad Customer Service or was it a Bad Attitude?

I guess the customer is always right.

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