Saturday, 2 February 2013

16 x 9 News Article

Thank you Kathy for letting me know about the Global News 16-by-9 article about security in the jewellery industry.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, I’d recommend watching the 20 minute segment.  In the news piece they claim that they “couldn’t find a jewellery traveller willing to talk about security on camera.”  Well Duh!  I would have done one of those silhouette interviews with the voice altering thingie, but they didn’t ask me.

One of the assertions of the news piece was that Columbian based gangs have moved North from the US into Canada because US law enforcement has done such a fantastic job of deterring them, and that Canada is softer on criminals.  I’m not so sure about that; I think it might have something to do with our more buoyant economy.

Once again I thank all of you who help reps maintain their anonymity by:

·      Offering back-office viewings where available
·      Not asking about our travel plans (we know you’re just being friendly, but we don’t want you to be the only one who knew where we are staying or where we were headed to if something does happen.)
·      Walking us out to our vehicles or at least watching us enter our vehicles until we pull-out of your parking lot
·      Not responding to strangers who might say, “hey, I used to go to school with that guy, what was his name again?” or otherwise trick you into giving information about us

As many of you well-know, I often am willing to meet with your clients for custom design work.  I’m less anonymous than would be ideal, but by taking every other precaution, I continue to enjoy travelling, and I have a deep faith that I’ll remain safe and healthy on the road.

Have a great couple of weeks while I’m in Haiti.  If you’re interested in reading what we’re up to, we’ll be blogging at or you can visit and click on the “blog” tab.  Congrats to Richardson’s Lloydminster for collecting the highest amount of gold for our Haiti orphanage fund.  They have won a free sales training session for their fabulous staff from yours truly.  With your support plus a top-up from Customgold, we’re taking $5,000 down with us for building and supplying orphanages and free schools that benefit the Haitians who need it the most!

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