Thursday, 4 April 2013

How Much Sway?

As more and more retailers ask me about the emergence of yellow gold, I’ve made this comment several times.  With an alarming number of clients, we as professional jewellery consultants hold some sway over their decisions.  When they say, “I’m not sure whether to go with yellow gold or white gold,” how do you choose your response?

My first response is to probe further by saying, “tell me more about your jewellery wardrobe.”  This not only gives you more helpful information to help them in their decision making, it establishes you as someone who cares about them rather than just being “salesy.”  When you talk about their jewellery wardrobe, you’re building a “filing system” in their brain that they may never have had before.  They’ll start to view the pieces they do have in terms of collections that coordinate with different occasions and outfits.  Trust me, when they start thinking like that, there will be some empty file folders!

I know I’ve written about the jewellery wardrobe concept before, but I’m feeling like many of you believe that your job is to hook-up the next person who walks in with the best possible solution to their immediate need.  I would like to suggest that your job is to help your clients build an amazing jewellery wardrobe that suits their personality and every season and all of the special occasions in their lives.

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