Friday, 29 March 2013


Where do you get yours?  This past week I was listening to an audiobook about the hard life of Johnny Cash.  Ahead of an album featuring songs about the “old West,” he got himself lost in the desert, had to kill a jack-rabbit with a bowie knife to eat, and at one point was found face-down on the ground by a park ranger.  He did this for inspiration.

What do we do for inspiration?  I’ve heard tell about jewellers found face-down on the ground by Las Vegas policemen.   As recently discussed with Stacey Gelmici, the jewellery shows seem to be a valuable source of inspiration.  I’m looking forward to the SmartShow in Chicago to learn, observe and share with retailers and wholesalers. 

Baron Carter worked at Independent Jewellers Superstore while he was going to school in Edmonton for inspiration and experience.  When I was in the business for less than six months, I visited Tony Cavelti’s store on a trip to Vancouver.

Magazines, training programs, blogs, jewellery TV:  inspiration is everywhere!  How about this one … ready for it?   Talk to your clients.  Ask them about their feelings about jewellery and about your store. 

Once inspired, you’re a much more interesting jeweller to talk to.  You’ve got more to talk about, and you’re more engaged.  When you’re engaged, it’s easier to engage your clients.

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