Friday, 15 March 2013

Spence gets Hand Slapped

Thanks to David Keeling who forwarded me the link to a story on Spence Diamonds.  I think this is a company that independent jewellers have come to hate because we end-up losing sales to them and then cleaning up messes from negative customer experiences.  This article reveals the numerous BBB complaints against them and how their marketing doesn’t match-up with their reality.

"We are proud of the experience and products we offer our customers. We take the role we play in our customer's 'happily ever after' very seriously," wrote Jones.  Really Sean?  This pride and this role has lead to 41 BBB complaints over the past three years in B.C. alone!!!

Yesterday I heard an ad on the radio by Sean Jones, talking about how Spence’s new policy is to take care of service, repairs and stone-loss forever with no annual inspection.  What do you think?  Do you think a new lifetime warranty and service policy is enough to make-up for the damage they’ve done?  Do you think you’ll lose more business from new diamond shoppers because of their new warranty?  Do you think Sean Jones is a dork?

Read the full article HERE

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