Thursday, 14 March 2013


Massive kudos to those of you who are focusing on creating a winning customer experience.  I’ve been in some rare stores (not yours) where customers seem to be a distraction to their busy-work.  I’m glad that my best clients are happy to greet new customers and ecstatic to welcome-back existing clients.  Whether you are naturally outgoing, and very easily connect with people, or you have a system in place to ensure that clients receive a methodically welcoming, inviting, compelling and effective shopping experience, it’s fabulous to see so many stores turning their focus from order-taker to advisor.  From cashier to cache.  From reluctant to rejoiceful.  From insecure to inspiring.

Remember that selling someone a piece of jeweller earns you a sale, but selling someone on you and your store earns you a client.  It’s easy to get lost in solving the puzzle of “what can I show this person that they’ll like.”  Until you know a little bit about them, and tell them features and selling points that line-up with their values or their unique requirements, you can easily be replaced by a robotic jewellery retrieval system.

Once you’re enthusiastically focused on the people who ultimately put food on your table, and their needs, you can sell them things they didn’t know they wanted to buy.  Guys come into jewellery stores thinking that they “need” a piece of jewellery to satisfy a “gift-giving occasion.”  What he needs is to show her how much she means to him.  They may need to say, “sorry I screwed-up.  I sacrificed some of what I was saving for that new quad to give you something to symbolize that you’re more important.”  She needs to celebrate his job promotion by giving him something that will make him feel important and fashionable.

After every sales presentation see if you can answer two questions.

Was I as effective as I could be in solving their reason for coming in today?

Did I draw them closer to me and our store so that they desire to give us their future business?

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