Thursday, 7 March 2013

What’s the A.S.A.?

No, I’m not talking about a headache remedy.  Is everyone on the sales floor knowledgeable about “articulated sales arguments?”  I hope so.

I stay in a lot of hotels, and I try never to keep a predictable travel pattern for security’s sake.  I used a travel booking website to book a motel three nights ago and I wasn’t thrilled enough to return to it.  Timing allowed me to return to the same town the next night, so I went into the hotel next door.  I asked the assistant manager, “which hotel are you?”  He said “Huh?”  I said “tell me about your hotel. What are you about?  What are your rates?”  He went right to their “low shoulder season rates,” because that was the only aspect of the hotel that he could articulate.

He could have said, “do you like waffles,” (who doesn’t???) and I would have said, “I love waffles!”  He could have then revealed that fresh waffles were part of their free breakfast.  Then he could have told me about the 42” flat screens and high quality linens on their new Posturepedic mattresses; all of which were superior to the neighboring hotel.  Well, because I was tired, I agreed to spend the extra $5 on this hotel, hoping that it was worth the extra expense.  Had he articulated their unique selling appeals, I might have willingly paid $10 or $15 more for this superior hotel.

I’ve written in the past about the “articulated sales argument” for your store.  Now consider that every design you carry has a reason for being.  There was a reason that it stood out from all of the other designs in the sample line, and why that supplier stood out from all of the other suppliers. 

Choices are everywhere.  Consumers can shop with you, the chain store, the internet or the home shopping channel.  There’s not only yellow Gold, but white Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Sterling Silver, Titanium, Tungsten, Cobalt Chrome, Zirconium and Ceramic.  Diamonds can be certified by AGS, EGL, GIA, HRD, GemScan, CGL or not at all.  Every option in this entire paragraph has consequences for the consumer.

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you too much, but your job is to know the A.S.A.s of all of your products and how they compare to that of your competition.  If you don’t know why anyone would want a Customgold design, just ask me for a PK session next time I’m in town.  I’ll give you every reason why a consumer receives unparalleled value when they purchase a CG ring.  When other suppliers come to you, ask them for their A.S.A.’s, and they too will have their own reasons for being. 

Remember, properly selected jewellery can last a lifetime.  How you council a client on their purchase today will have consequences for years to come.  Lining up the articulated sales argument of a design with the values of your client will ensure an awesome jewellery buying experience for them!    

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