Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Passing the Hat

Since the weather has warmed, Canada Day has come and gone and a terror threat on Canadian soil has topped the news, it seems like the flooding in Alberta is fading into distant memory.  The memory is all too real for one member of our jewellery-family.  I wrote about the Austens of High River having suffered the loss of their store, and have since discovered that there is a way we can all help them recover.  Following are excerpts from a letter to CJG member stores.  I would hope that all of us could pitch-in and help. 

 Austen Jewellers, High River Alberta has been hit by the massive floods in Alberta and their store has been totally destroyed. From the pictures we have seen most of the windows are gone as are parts of the walls.  We have spoken with Wayne Austen a couple of times over the last week. They still are not allowed into the downtown and therefore into their store or into their home. They are staying with their daughter Elyse in Okotoks.

Insurance coverage is unknown at this time, but as it rarely covers flooding they are basically without insurance to help recover. Provincial aid will likely be available but how long that will take is anybody’s guess. Building inspectors will have to verify the soundness of the buildings before plans can be made to rebuild.
This is far worse than a flood, it is a disaster area currently under martial law.
They will be needing new store fixtures and displays and some new merchandise to fill them, but now there is no income source to help pay for them and it could be weeks or months before they are up and running.

If you would like to take part in a Financial Assistance Opportunity and help out a fellow (jewellery) store … then please send a cheque made out to CJG, ( Tag it-"Austen's") and we will forward the funds on to them on everyone’s behalf.
We know that the CJG family of members and suppliers will come through for them.
Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Austen’s.

***If you feel moved to contribute to their rescue, please send a cheque to one of following three venues marked “AUSTEN’S”.

8 Centre Street N
Huntsville, ON
P1H 2C2

G7, 5550 - 45 St.
Red Deer AB
T4N 1L1

Customgold Mfg. Ltd.
#529, 470 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC
V6C 1V5

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