Friday, 12 July 2013

Watson Gloves

An interesting news clip came on this morning regarding a B.C. based company that was just about put out of business a few years ago, and today thrives.  Imported work gloves can be bought for pennies, and easily undersold the value of Watson product.  As soon as they came to “grips” with the fact that they weren’t going to compete on price with the flood of imported goods, they began to specialize.  They looked to the energy sector and created designs that took into account their unique needs.  They listened to other clients and found where certain designs were wearing quickly and tailored their gloves to provide significant advantages to mass-produced general purpose ones.

Consumers can purchase mass-produced general purpose jewellery from chain stores or online merchants and enjoy low pricing.  There are significant advantages bricks-and-mortar jewellers can offer through personalization and custom design.

What says “I love you” better? 

 - “I got a great deal on-line on this million-of-a-kind diamond cluster for you, honey!”


- “I remember how much you admired that design we saw on vacation, so I worked with the jeweller downtown to create a similar look featuring your birthstone, and I hand-picked a Canadian diamond to go with it!”

I happen to think that the shine’s off the apple of Chinese imported goods.  I recently saw a Facebook post that put the fear of God in me to eat anything produced in China, and to never allow my nephews to play with toys made there.  Consumers are increasingly open to stories of local product and higher quality.  If I’ve been remiss in telling you the story of any of the domestic companies I represent, please let me know and I’ll be happy to fill you in!

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