Monday, 21 July 2014

Simplify for Success

Some of the most successful songs are very simple, so why do we try to over-complicate our sales pitches?  

Simplify for Success

This past week, I planned and participated in a workshop for Church worship bands.  It’s surprising how many times I though “Wow, being in a band is just like being part of a sales team!”  The facilitator Corey, is an accomplished guitarist and singer, and has led many bands.  He shared with us the ironic fact that the better he gets at playing the guitar, the more he simplifies what he plays and the better he sounds.  Hmmm

Corey got me to thinking, “isn’t that the way it progressed when I was working in jewellery stores?”  I began not knowing much, so I didn’t have much to say.  Then I learned about gemology, custom design, watch functions, industry news and jewellery history.  I had tons of things to say.  I could (and did) regurgitate jewellery-talk on command – boring the heck out of my prospects, and missing opportunities to build relationships and close sales.

The better way is to have a million things to say, but keep each in your back-pocket until just the right moment.  A great song usually has a memorable guitar solo, piano riff, or drum solo.  The only way for these to be memorable is for the song to lead-up to it, so that the listener eagerly anticipates it.

If you talk peoples’ ears off, they’ll divide their attention according to the number of words you speak.  The longer you drone-on, the less impact each word has.  If you ration your words, those fantastic value-added statements and closes that you have in your repertoire will be well received when the time comes.

Prepare professionally then apportion your words at just the right time.  It will be music to your client’s ears!

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