Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday Story Time - It starts with ONE

From the time he was a toddler, it was obvious that Wayne Gretzky was all about hockey.  From shooting balled-up socks towards his goalie grandmother, to spending every waking hour skating on his backyard pond to endless scrimmages with his friends, he developed a passion for the sport that led to one of the most successful sporting careers in any sport.

Wayne was three years too young when he tried-out for his first organized hockey team.  He made that team.  Someone gave him that chance.  Wayne went-on to score over 300 goals for that team, but in his first year he didn’t fare so well.

When someone is starting out in the jewellery business, like myself in 1987, they have can have all of the enthusiasm in the world.  They can learn every thing they can, and study selling from the most prominent sales trainers.  Until they get a chance to step-up to the diamond counter and begin working with customers, you’ll never know how effective they might be.  They might grow to sell 300 diamond rings in a few years.  It all starts with one.

In Wayne Gretzky’s first year of organized hockey, he scored one goal.  Thus began the career of the one who would ironically become; The Great One.  My career in jewellery hasn’t rivaled Gretzky’s hockey career, but I do recall people better than I having to step aside for me to take my first shot at a sale.  I probably cost my employer money by not making sales that Mrs. McLachlan would have.  They gave me a chance, and I did eventually become a valuable player on my team.

I hope you all remember your humble beginnings and take pride in helping others with theirs.

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