Sunday, 11 March 2012


It may appear that my writing comes off the top of my head and takes as much time to write it as it does to read it.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  When I write, I let my mind flow and fingers fly.  Then I delete, delete, delete, rewrite, move a sentence here or there, and then fine-tune each article so that it conveys the message I had set out to deliver. 

Have you ever walked away from an argument or conversation and said, “oh, now I know exactly what I should have said…”  Writing sales scripts helps avoid that problem. 

Sales scripts are neither for the beginner sales person, nor are they for the advanced.  For a beginner, sounding scripted will be an instant turn-off.  If you’ve ever managed to get a junior telemarketer off of their script they get lost and don’t know how to respond. 

For the intermediate-level seller, scripts are huge step towards becoming advanced.  You take the best of what you’ve used to effectively sell diamonds and jewellery, and refine your words as I refine my writings.  For example, you already have begun to use certain words and phrases to describe inclusions in diamonds as “fingerprints, DNA, characteristics, or those tiny bits that when viewed microscopically are what keep this diamond from costing twice the price.”  You have answers to many questions that you use versions of, over and over again.

If that’s you, it’s time to write them down, wordsmith them a bit, and then talk them over with your colleagues or your manager.  Once you’ve got your scripts perfected, you’ll find yourself working them into your sales presentations seamlessly and effectively.  You’ll have no reason to ever regretfully say, “oh, now I know exactly what I should have said …”

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