Thursday, 17 January 2013

Beeeee Positive!

As some of you know, Mrs. Toddwaz is a realtor.  Jana hosted a “realtor open-house” for a new fourplex listing the other day.  Some of the realtors from her office spent time commenting about the hookers a few blocks away, the limited parking and all of the negative aspects of the property.  It’s actually in an area of rapid urban renewal, close to downtown and a perfect starter resident for an active young single or couple. In a B-to-B (business to business) situation, the onlooker might feel an inescapable obligation to tear-apart the product in front of them, fully believing that their expert criticism is helpful in some way.  It sometimes works that way with jewellery presentations. 

When I look at a line of 3-400 rings, I don’t see sellers and non-sellers.  I see each piece as the answer to someone’s quest.  There is a buyer out there for every design you’ve ever looked at in a travellers bag.  Maybe you haven’t conditioned your marketplace to respond to a certain styling.  Maybe the craziest looking design that you summarily dismissed would have sold to the tourist who came in the next day.  Maybe you’ve just overlooked a ring that would have sold 4 times in the coming year because in your opinion it was too high, too low, too wide, too narrow or too “froofie.”  (Don’t laugh, I’ve heard that before!)

This is a tough business and you can’t buy everything that comes along.  I appreciate a retailer telling me why they think a new design won’t sell quickly in their store.  I really do.  Maybe it will cause us to modify a design if few enough jewellers choose to stock it.  But, I’m invigorated by buyers who look at designs and identify what kind of client will love that piece.  Looking for the positive in jewellery designs makes for a more enjoyable supplier visit, and I believe a much more productive one for selecting profitable designs.  Looking for the positive in every customer that walks in has its’ own rewards.

Enjoy this video, featuring Sir Paul McCartney and Nanaimo’s very own Diana Krall…

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