Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Spinning or Winning?

Business or personal it’s all the same.  You can be positive by spinning or winning.

When I took my ARMS management training (where I first met Mr. Greg Bird,) the session leader asked us all how business was.  We mumbled various responses.  He corrected us and trained us to give the response, “UNBELIEVABLE!”  He was training us to put a positive “spin” on things.  He wanted us to allow our interlocutors to draw the conclusion that business was unbelievably GOOD when it just as easily could be unbelievably BAD.  Spinning is the art of deception.  Pick and choose truths and half-truths to build a conclusion for the sake of your own motives.

When someone asks, “How are you?” or “How’s business?” you can easily brush them off by saying “fine,” and get on with your day.  That’s fair because some people haven’t earned a close enough relationship with you to justify a deeper explanation.  If you want to present a perfectly positive and prosperous persona, you might proffer a passionate, “unbelievable!”

Here’s the thing.  If you have your eye on a far-off goal of a highly effective “you” or a highly successful business, and you’re doing things to make that happen, you’re on a winning path.  You’re either learning things that you’ll need to avoid as you approach your goal, or your doing things that work and get you closer to your goal.  Either way, you’re making genuine headway towards the positive future that surely awaits you.

As you keep your eyes on the prize (whatever that means to you) you can have a GENUINELY positive outlook.  You can honestly say, “fine,” “unbelievable,” or “super” in response to other people’s inquiries.  You can, not only say positive things, but you be honest about set-backs in light of their contribution to your journey.

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