Monday, 21 January 2013

Utah Day 1

**Haiti Helpers – Note: Wednesday January 23rd is the final day to send gold-scraps into Customgold.  If you wished you had participated, but missed the boat you can still throw some gold in a baggie and ship it off to Vancouver in time for my trip.  So far, the leading gold collectors; who are in-line for a free half-day of sales coaching, is someone from Alberta.  For more info on why this is the best fund-raiser ever, click HERE

**Train the Trainer event coming to Edmonton – My friend Brad Huisken is bringing his famous sales training event to Edmonton, May 5-7th.  They say the best way to learn something is to learn how to train someone else to do it.  If you are interested in attending, see the attached document.

Today I’m looking forward to a tour of Lashbrook Design’s manufacturing facility here in Sandy, Utah.  It’s been “interesting” so far; my luggage missed the connection in Los Angeles (I know it’s out of the way, but that’s air travel today) and then the shower knob broke-off in my hand this morning.  It’s not all bad because I’m meeting some great new people.

I’m going to try give my Toddwaz Report readers as much behind-the-scenes views as I am allowed to show.  I hope to give you all an idea of how semi-precious metal bands are fabricated.  Stand-by for more.

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