Thursday, 3 January 2013

Toddwaz Report Volume II

As most of you know, it was a social media marketing objective for me to publish 300 blog posts in 2012.  That box has been “checked.”  In 2013, I have decided to publish 2 to 3 blogs per week as inspiration leads me.  If I manage 100 posts, so be it.  If I put the Report on Hiatus to write a book, training program or work on a system of posts for you to send to your tribe, so be that too. 

I’m going to take it as it comes until a clear opportunity or objective reveals itself to me.  After-all, the blog in and of itself isn’t my vocation.  It’s a marketing tool and a way for me to give back to an industry that has taught me so much, and through which I’ve gained so many wonderful friends.  I look forward to writing to you and discussing matters important to you.  Please keep challenging me with your feedback and comments.  I love to discover those of you who, like myself, care about the future of our independent retail jewellery platform.

As I travel three Provinces representing three companies, I will continue to try and do more than just “sell jewellery.”  My mandate remains to help retailers develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the amazing companies I represent, while adding value to the process through sales training, education and sharing some of the best-practices I am privileged enough to witness.

Looking forward to a Sizzling twenty-thirteen with you all!

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