Wednesday, 5 December 2012

From Heartache to Loyal Client

Our border Marie had a very difficult day at work.  She works in a call center for a telecom provider.  She had been in tears at work because one of her call-ins didn’t speak very good English and she struggled for nearly two hours to understand his problem and solve it.  In the end, she not only satisfied his issue, she also sold him a cable/internet package.

Here’s the dealio: not all of your clients will be born out of smooth transactions where everything goes right.  There’s a song I used to sing in youth-group called “Friends.”  The verses started-out “Friends are nothing til they …” laugh, sing, dance, cry.  Some of my best friends are ones with whom I’ve done more than just have fun.  We’ve been through each other’s heartaches, we’ve seen each other’s gloomy-sides and we still stand by each other.

Don’t go out to upset a client just so that you can deepen your relationship with them.  Know this: how you choose to deal with difficulties can earn you valuable clients just as sure as doing everything right will.  Embrace difficulties.  They give you a better opportunity to show-off the depth of your professionalism to someone seeking a trusted jewellery advisor!

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