Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Look Who's Coming...

Look who’s coming...  Right there…  Open your eyes.  Can’t you see?

You know that couple who has been shopping with you for a few years now.  It seems almost every piece of jewellery they have came from your store.  They’re so loyal you could even screw-up once or twice, and they’d still love you.  They refer their friends, and you’ve gotten to know their family too.  They’re your favorite clients.

At one time they walked into your store for the very first time.  Something happened over the course of that very first transaction to make them want to come back again and again and again.

The next “favorite client” may be walking toward your store at this very second.  The next person through your door could be celebrating this Christmas with jewellery, but wind-up spending tens of thousands of dollars with you over the coming years, and refer three engagement purchases within the next six months.  If you knew for sure that was the case, how would you approach that person?

Now you’re ready.  Go get ‘em, tiger! 

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