Friday, 21 December 2012

Old Guys Rule!

Just when you thought that the smart-phone toting, Justin Bieber adoring, generation-next was going to take over the world, a glimmer of hope arises.  One of the two reality TV shows that are my guilty pleasure is Simon Cowell’s mixed-genre talent show; The X-Factor.  Last night’s final show-down was between 3 finalists.  First was an uber-talented 13 year old Carly Rose Sonneneclaire.  Second was a group of 5 young-ladies who were assembled out of solo-auditionists called Fifth Harmony.  The third finalist was from the “over 30” category of contestants, named Tate Stevens; a married 42 year old road-construction worker with two teenage kids.

Talent has no age limit.  Here’s the thing though.  This show has a huge audience, but who do you think is registering votes on-line and through their cel-phones.  I think the rules were that you could vote up to 10 times on your cel-phone and 10- times on your computer each week.  Who’s got time like that?  The younger, Justin Bieber adoring, cel-phone addicted generation-next seems to text in their sleep.  I assumed that they were going to skew “Americas choice” towards one of the two younger pop-acts.  To make a long story short, a humble, good-hearted, no frills, hard-working 42 year old, down-to-earth country singer managed to win The X-Factor, earning a $5 Million recording contract. 

Now tell me, is it only the younger generation that you can reach and gain loyalty from via social media marketing?  I think the results of last night’s X-Factor signals a turning point in on-line responsiveness.

Now get out there and enjoy this fancy new high-tech world that even the smarty-pants Mayan’s couldn’t envision.

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