Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Shaving Cream

Wow, are you kidding me?  Here I am laying low, and not sending-out daily blog-posts because I know how busy you are (also because I’m extremely close to accomplishing my 300 blogs in 2013.)  Here’s what I’m seeing.  Due to a new product line with a time-limited offer, I’ve made a couple of sales pitches during the busiest month of the year and got timely responses back.  I’ve also received many thoughtful responses to some of my blog posts.  Is it that slow out there?  Nope.  Reports are pretty good so far.

I always wondered how long a can of shaving cream would last if I always used the small (but entirely sufficient) amount that I squeezed-out for the last couple of shaves before starting a new one.  In the same way I wonder how much we could accomplish if we worked as efficiently as we HAVE to in December.

This December, make sure you take just a few moments to observe how quickly product gets tagged and put into the showcase.  How much time it really takes to wipe-down the counters.  Note the urgency to call people when repairs or special orders are ready.  There’s no dilly-dallying.  No lolli-gagging, and certainly no shilly-shallying.  Now get back to work and enjoy the hustle (and the bustle!)

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