Monday, 3 December 2012

Go For Gold Program Extended / December Commissions

I’ve spoken to some of you who said that collecting gold-scraps at this time of year was more than your staff could handle.  Since Steve has offered to cash-out the gold at full market value, and then round-it-up before sending it off for refining, you can courier gold donations to Customgold as late as January 28th.  This is how we’re claiming that this is the most cost effective fund-raiser ever with 101% of gold value going directly to an account that will pay 100% of the funds for building, maintaining and supplying orphanages and free schools in Haiti.  For more info visit Haitian Heroes Go for Gold.

I remember when I worked briefly for Mappins in Lougheed Mall the fuss that was made about my December Commissions.  Mappins was an hourly wage plus commission gig.  My manager Tom would give me my cheque and proudly say, “look here Todd, you made an average of $15 per hour including your commissions: keep that up and you’ll make some good money in this business!”  I’m sorry to say I knew darn well that Christmas commissions didn’t exactly reflect year-round potential.

Someone who owns a jewellery store builds inventory programs, trains staff, advertises and conditions their marketplace all year long building up to a December crescendo.  Sales staff must do the same.  You must build clientele, hone your sales skills, collect wish-lists, and expand your social network in order to earn those fat commissions or bonuses in December.  Effective selling all year ‘round is the best way to build a network of happy referring clientele.

Don’t think of December sales as an indication of your potential, they are a result of your actions from January to November.  Enjoy the strong sales this December, but start to envision December 2013, with twice as many people asking for you and with you having the confidence and skills to easily close those sales.  Preparation for that begins in less than four weeks.

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