Friday, 14 December 2012

Smoked Meat on Rye!

When I was doing a lot of jewellery-insurance claim work in Edmonton, my office was right around the corner from Mansfield Importers.  This was an old-school store just off Jasper Avenue where luggage, kitchen accessories, hardware and other treasures could be found just beyond the jewellery counters.  Since the owner Mike Mann had been buying-up close-out merchandise and he bought kilos of Italian chain, I often was able to find a Seiko Lassalle or just the chain I needed to complete an insurance claim. 

Every December, when I would go in there for a visit (if Mike wasn’t on the phone loudly negotiating a real-estate or stock transaction) he would come over, shake my hand, look way up into my eyes and say, “It’s good to see you my friend.  HEY, SHERRI, TAKE TODD UP STAIRS AND GET HIM A NICE SMOKED MEAT SANDWICH.”

This was the way it was at Mansfield’s in December.  He brought in a special shipment of smoked meat from a deli in Montreal.  Along with rye bread from his favorite kosher bakery, it was a delicious and familiar way to treat customers.  It was hospitality.  It was tradition.  It was part of his Jewish culture.  It made going into Mansfields something special.

For you it might be over-the-top decorations.  It might be live music.  It could be “special” egg-nog, home-baking or a free Christmas decoration.  Think about the best received Christmas treat and imagine 365 days, 730 days and 995 days from now what kind of experience your clients can enjoy through your hospitable traditions.

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