Monday, 25 June 2012

Jewellery Humor!

Sorry, no video blog today.  I’m working on a new music video; my most ambitious yet and it’s not ready.  I will therefore give you one of my favorite jewellery jokes and then you can watch a few more from David Squires of InStore Magazine to brighten-up your Monday!

When Nester came into Bloomstein’s Jewellers, he had in mind a special graduation gift for his eldest son Nick.  Nester inquired of Mr. Bloomstein about a Gucci chain.  Mr. Bloomstein responded, “I have one.  It’s 24” long in 18kt gold.  At only $2,200 it will be a marvelous commemoration for your University Graduate.”  Nester had a look at the chain and remarked that it looked too shiny to be an original vintage Gucci chain.  Bloomstein explained that they’re very rare and very expensive.

Nester asked where he might find an original vintage Gucci chain.  Mr. Bloomstein thought about it for a few seconds and then said, “you know what, I think I have one in the back.  It will take me a few minutes to find it for you.”  The shop-keeper took the chain into the back, closed the door and then rummaged around for an old well-worn “Gucci”-labeled clasp.  He changed the clasp on the replica chain, dropped the chain on the floor, walked on it and then used a file to expertly give it that well-worn vintage look.

Mr. Bloomstein proudly returned to the sales floor and presented Nester with a very hard-to-get vintage Gucci chain.  Overjoyed, Nester asked “how much?”  The crafty proprietor thought for a moment and said, “well, because it’s not in pristine condition, I could let it go for a mere $3,200.”  After talking Mr. Bloomstein down to $2,900, Nester said, “and because you’ve given me such a good deal on this chain, I’ll also buy the other one for myself.”

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