Sunday, 3 June 2012

Live from Vegas - Day 5

Those 7:30AM seminars come early in Vegas, but the oxygen or Red Bull or whatever they pump into the air helps.  The responsible Jewellery Council hosted a panel on ethically sourced precious metals.  The panel consisted of representatives from the jewellery industry, mining, smelting and retail.  What I learned was that a multinational, multi-tiered effort is going on to give ethically “clean” gold added value in order to protect against human rights violations.  Right now it’s starting with publically traded companies who have an obligation to work with their supply chain to force the issue.  Once the larger more recognizable companies begin to advertise their commitment to this, you’ll have to follow suit!

After that, I got a chance to meet Rob Bates, senior editor of JCK Magazine at his talk about the changing landscape of the diamond business.  There seems to be an echo ringing throughout many of the speakers I’ve attended regarding social consciousness.  It’s not going to go away.  The green movement has led to much needed environmental initiatives that have changed the course of our industrial future.  The new social consciousness combined with lightening fast info via internet, social networking and smart-phones will require your attention!  The feeling I get is that there genuinely is a growing sentiment among consumers towards emotion and meaning over price and “bling.”  Another interesting point that came-out in Rob’s presentation is that US consumers are feeling better about them selves because they’ve begun to reduce expenses and have their debt under control.  They are now more confident in making purchasing decisions.

My wife, Jana flew in yesterday, so it was a pleasure to have her visit with our good friends the Wades from Stettler, the Triebels from Fort St. John and Connie Kitigawa from Digem at an amazing dinner at P.F. Changs in Planet Holleywood.  We go there every year for their lettuce wraps and lively atmosphere.

Highlight of the trip so far?  Circque du Soleil – Love!  What a show.

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