Saturday, 16 June 2012

Unlikely Jewellery Fanatic!

Saturday Story Time – Unlikely Jewellery Fanatic!

I’m pretty sure his name was Don.  He was a client of Forest of Jewels long before I started there.  He came into the tiny little 450 sq. ft. store in Heritage Mall, Edmonton and he filled-up a large percentage of our airspace.  He seemed like a misguided delivery-person.  What was this guy carrying a box of melons doing in a jewellery store?  His wardrobe wasn’t exactly from Saville Row; rather, I’m thinking Marks Work Warehouse.

He was greeted warmly by the manager, and it seemed Don was making a regular distribution of extra produce from his long-haul trips to the southern states.  I noticed he had one heck of a diamond ring on one of his beefy hands.  In fact I learned that he had a few very nice rings.  He had to be one of the least likely jewellery fanatics I’d ever seen in my short career.  He was there to tell Guy what he wanted for his next ring; a top-quality emerald with diamond accents.  This was a yearly event for the single trucker.

I could only imagine the first time a manly man went into a jewellery store and said, “I’d like an amazing custom-made ring.”  Not every salesperson would have known what to do with him.  Guy knew.  Guy and his father both wore fashionable men’s diamond fashion rings and enjoyed all manor of gents jewellery.  They knew very well that jewellery fanatics not only come in all shapes and sizes, they can be grown from the very first receptive contact.

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