Thursday, 7 June 2012

When the Shine's off the Apple

Leaving Vegas this morning, my wife Jana and I agree that Vegas just isn’t quite as exciting to us as it used to be.  We used to look forward to the attractions, the “buzz”, the shows, and the great dining.  After having been here together maybe 8 times over the past 11 years, it’s almost “old-hat.”

At Shane Decker’s Romancing the Sale seminar, he dramatized the feeling some jewellers have about their inventory.  They get to work, put the inventory out.  They look at it all day, they put it back at night.  Day after day.  They lose the excitement for the product.

When a young couple comes in for an engagement ring; they’re seeing your designs for the first time, and for many, buying a diamond is new to them.  In order to keep it exciting for your clients, Decker recommended continuously developing new adjectives to describe the beauty and mystery that diamonds are.  He claims to have a hundred phrases he uses to describe diamonds.  How many do you have?  If you had a few, like “lightening trapped in a bottle” or “the brilliance of her smile encapsulated inside the earth’s most durable crystal” maybe you’ll regain a little of the enthusiasm that time saps away. 

C2A (call to action) – Have each staff member bring one new romantic phrase for describing diamonds to each weekly sales meeting for the next 10 or 20 weeks, and see what kind of vocabulary you can develop.

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