Monday, 4 June 2012

Live from Vegas - Day 6

You’ll be thankful to know that the music video I’ve chosen for my V-Blog today is not of my own making.  It’s from One Republic; the band who rocked the beach last night at the JCK party.  First of all, I’ve got to say it was an amazing energetic concert and secondly it made my heart soar to see so many Canadian jewellers celebrating a great night together. 

One of the highlights of going to a trade show is this: transparency.  Full lines of product in plain view for all to see.  Industry experts giving away information that they would otherwise charge huge fees to bring to your store.  Catalogs, magazines, CDs, samples, giveaways, takeaways.  It’s all there.

One Republic songs, “Tell me what you want to hear.  Something that will light those years.  Sick of all the insincere.  So I'm gonna give all my secrets away”  We’re in the information age.  Give away information as freely and easily as the internet and your clients will want to deal with you.  A trade show who gives away a lot of free information will attract more jewellers.  Sincerity, knowledge and professionalism are still the standard in our industry.  Deliver that, and you’ve got a rockin’ future.

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